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Customs agency/Forwarding


We carry out the tasks assigned to us using specialized reloading equipment. We have heavy unloading equipment: 5, 8, 12 and 16 ton 2 Reach Stackers and specialized terminal tractors.


Our offer includes

  • unloading/loading in the relation: ship - warehouse - means of land transport or vice versa,

  • reloading of goods in the relation: truck - warehouse - truck,

  • forming / unforming of containers,

  • loading and unloading of containers,

  • reloading of products in boxes, bags and big bags,

  • reloading of goods in rolls,

  • reloading of heavy items,

  • unitized goods and goods adapted for manual handling,

  • palletized loads.

  • all additional work related to trade in goods, i.e. banding, foil wrapping, marking,repacking, packaging etc.

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Cargofruit Sp. z o.o.
Przemysłowa 20, 80-542 Gdańsk