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Cargofruit Sp. z o. o. started operating in 1997 as a specialized transhipment and storage base intended for handling agricultural and food goods, mainly citrus fruits and bananas imported by sea.


The company's location in the Free Zone of the Port of Gdańsk gives goods handlers a number of customs privileges, including no requirement to submit a customs guarantee for customs and tax liabilities and the possibility of storing goods without time limits.


We operate in accordance with implemented HACAP procedures and are GMP+FS scheme 2020 certified.

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years of business activity

+2,5 mln

million tonnes of goods transhipped

+50 000

completed orders

+20 000

meters of warehouse space

The scope of the Company's activities includes:
Unloading/reloading of goods in each relationship
Forming/unforming of containers
Any additional work related to trade in goods
Customs clearance of goods
Cargofruit Sp. z o.o.
Przemysłowa 20, 80-542 Gdańsk